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Telegram v8.0.0 Beta Version Released; Video Recoding, Hide Sender Name

The new build gets the number 8.0 and quite a few changes. First of all, the messenger has added a news feed. It means that all incoming messages from the channels will now be in one place. Also, the developers have added the Sponsored tags to promotional posts, the ability to search for GIFs using emoji, message animations with four different gradients, and forwarding messages without an author.

Another interesting feature is the ability to record videos of different formats in voice chats. In addition videos can be in portrait or landscape orientation.

Video Recording in Voice Chat
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, you can record videos in video calls. Recording can be done in two modes: portrait and horizontal.Currently, due to server restrictions, video recording doesn't work.

Hide Sender's Name
In another words, forward without quotes. The well known feature in unofficial clients is now coming to official client. Just tap on the forward header above input box while forwarding message for hiding the sender/author name

Message bubbles animation 
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta now you can see the animation of message bubbles. Also, you can set a gradient on the message bubbles as well as on the background, including from 3 to 4 colors, which activates the bubble animation while sending messages.

Animated emojis for GIF tab
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, emojis that displays emotions for GIF animations have become animated.

Channel posts feed

In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, you can quickly switch to the next unread channel. After reading the channel completely, you should make a second swipe up.

Updated design of sticker preview
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, the the sticker selection design after entering an emoji was updated.

Upcoming Telegram version 7.10 update

Telegram for Android developers updated source code of the app. Based on it, we made a list of future changes.

What's new:
  • After you reach the end of a channel, an extra swipe will open next unread channel. Currently it's unknown what name will be assigned to the feature.
  • Record video in voice chats in either horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Trending packs in the sticker chooser pane.
  • An option to forward messages without specifying the author of the original message.
  • (Not sure yet) animated gradient for message bubbles, just like background one.

Slow mode in the chat In Telegram X

Slow mode in the chat In Telegram X for Android Beta, you can set the slow mode in the chat.

Telegram X Local Update

In Telegram X for Android Beta, you can update the application bypassing the app store. You can download the APK on the @tgx_log channel. To verify the authenticity of the APK, you can use the @tgx_bot bot.

Telegram X for Android has been updated to version Beta

What's new:
— Added support for local updates bypassing the app store.
— Added ability to set up a slow mode in a group chat.
— The active sessions item is displayed on the "Settings" page.
— Added the "Save to music" button for the player.
— The assembly of native libraries on cmake has been rewritten.
— Added work on reproducible builds.
— Updated CameraX and other libraries.
— Support for the latest version of TDLib.
— Completely redesigned the processing of internal links.
— Added support for tg://settings links and other types.
— Added automatic build and notifications in @tgx_log.
— Preparation for the developer competition.
— Added transition to AGP 7.0.1
— Other changes.

Error correction:
— No date for uploading profile photos (further than the first one).
— Operation of the "Beginning" button when searching for messages by date.
— Operation of the "Set as current" and "Delete" buttons for old profile images.
— Other fixes.

Telegram Forward a message as copy - MacOS Beta

In Telegram for macOS Beta, users can remove the sender's name in the forwarded message. To do this, users need to click on the cross, after selecting the chat to forward a message. At the moment, it's unknown how the messages will look like after forwarding. Due to restrictions on the server, this function doesn't work. In the future, this feature will appear in other messenger clients.

Celebrating 8 Years of Telegraming - Telegram Anniversary

On August 14th, 2013, an official iOS client appeared, which marked the beginning of the project. A few weeks later, the competitive version of Telegram for Android.

Over the past year, Telegram has introduced many new features, including group audio and video calls, importing messages from other messengers , automatically deleting messages, comments for channels  (without bots), and much more.

Currently, the version of mobile clients is 7.9.3 for Android and 7.9.2 for iOS.

"Hiding hints" button in Telegram for macOS

In Beta version of Telegram for macOS, you can press button to hide client prompts, that is displayed if no chat is selected. The hints can be returned by clicking the same button again.

15 Reasons Why People Are Leaving WhatsApp for Telegram

Ever since WhatsApp announced its controversial 2021 privacy policy, users have been scrambling for a safer alternative that is less aligned with Facebook. And they seemed to have found it. Telegram boasts features that not only give you privacy but also offer unique tools that WhatsApp lacks. And with over 500 million users and counting, it might just become WhatsApp's key competitor. This article is going to discuss the reasons why people are leaving WhatsApp for Telegram...and why you should consider it too.

WhatsApp's Privacy Policy Controversy and Concerns About Facebook

The WhatsApp 2021 privacy policy announcement clarified how the messaging app may share certain data with Facebook—and users weren't happy about it. The app claims that personal conversations remain protected with end-to-end encryption. However, given Facebook's history with privacy flaws, data collection, and leaks, people weren't exactly convinced. Who's to say there won't be another Cambridge Analytica scandal?

WhatsApp's Security and Privacy Policy notes that it will share your account registration information (phone number), transaction data, mobile device information, IP address, and service-related information with Facebook if you use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses. This has caused a stir among WhatsApp users and incentivized them to consider other options, one being Telegram. Let's have a look at why some users of the features that are leading WhatsApp users to choose Telegram as their new messaging app instead...

1. Secret Chats

Secret chats in Telegram have a number of privacy-centric features. They have an added layer of security with end-to-end encryption. They also include other privacy measures, such as sending an automated notification in the chat whenever someone takes a screenshot and allowing you to enable self-destructing messages.

2. Self-Destructing Messages

In Telegram, you can set a timer for your sent messages to automatically self-destruct in secret chats. The waiting period options range from a few seconds to a week, and the message will be cleared from both the sender and recipient's device.

3. The Ability to Hide Your Number

You don't need to give out your number in order to have chats on Telegram. The username feature lets you create an anonymous username that you can chat with instead, similar to sending DMs from a social media account. And your number also won't necessarily be revealed in group chats. Telegram gives you the option to control who sees your number.
From the settings, you can either set it to Everybody, My Contacts, Nobody, or let only specific users see it. From these same settings, you can also prevent strangers from finding you by your number on the app. This differs significantly from WhatsApp, where your number is available to other chat group members.

4. Telegram File Transfer Sizes

WhatsApp allows a maximum file size of 16MB for all media (photos, videos, and voice notes). However, Telegram allows a whopping 2GB—that's the size of some movie files! Not to mention, you can send any type of file since Telegram supports all formats. This is not the case for WhatsApp, where many users dread the "This file format is not supported" popup.

5. Unlimited Storage

Telegram has unlimited server storage. So whenever you're in a regular chat that stores the information on their servers, there's no limit as to how many texts, media files, and documents you can send and receive. This means that you don't have to worry about the app setting a limit or quota to your account for files sent.

6. Automatic Cloud Saving

Since Telegram's servers don't have a storage limit, you don't need to worry about constantly backing up or restoring your chats. All of your data (that's not in a secret chat) will automatically be saved on their cloud. You can log in and out as many times as you want from as many devices as you want without losing any data. You also don't need to rely on backups to third-party services.

7. Multi-Platform Support

Telegram can be used on multiple platforms as it's available on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux OS, and through its site on a browser. This gives you quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to choosing which device to use the app on.

8. The Ability to Have Multiple Sessions

You can log into the same account from multiple devices at the same time. Your sessions will be updated across all devices as it instantly synchronizes. So if you send and receive messages on your iPhone while also being logged in on your Mac, the chats on your Mac will reflect that on your iPhone in real-time. Even browsers will remember your session.

8. Massive Group Chats

WhatsApp allows a maximum of 256 participants in a group chat, whereas Telegram allows a maximum of 200,000 members! This is useful if you want to join communities and not only smaller groups.

9. Channels

Telegram has a channel feature as well. Channels are similar to group chats with a few key differences: the number of participants is unlimited, and the creator of the channel can control who is allowed to post in the channel. Those who aren't allowed to post can only view the posts.

10. Saving Messages on Telegram

If there's a particular message you want to revisit, there's no need to locate it in the chats. Telegram lets you save messages, which you can access via Saved Messages in the settings. The feature acts as a useful pinning or bookmarking feature—which is especially useful when you want to remember something for later, such as an address or reminder a contact has sent you.

11. Marked Drafts

Just like WhatsApp, you can draft a message in the message bar, exit the chat, and the text will be there when you return. The only difference is, Telegram reminds you which chats you have unsent drafts in by marking them with "Draft" from the Chats window. Trust us, this is very useful for forgetful texters.

12. Telegram Message Scheduling

If you come up with a great response to something but don't want to send it right away, or if you want to send a nightly check-up text to a loved one, you can schedule the message on Telegram. This feature is slightly hidden though: type your message, hold down on the blue Send icon, select Schedule Message from the popup, and set the time and date.

13. Appearance Customization

Telegram boasts a wider range of built-in appearance customizations than WhatsApp. There are seemingly endless chat backgrounds that can be further customized, even with ombre colors. The chat bubbles and accents can also be personalized with solid or ombre colors, plus you can change the shape of the message corners and text size. You can even choose different app icon styles that will be viewed from the home screen.

14. Telegram Is Open-Source

Telegram is open-source, meaning anyone can access the source code and security researchers can evaluate the encryption of the app. Open-source apps also mean independent developers can fix bugs and improve the original code. These projects can get independent input from anyone, anywhere, and are less likely to be restricted by a company's agenda. Ultimately, this results in a more user-friendly and open project.

15. Frequent Updates

Finally, another reason people are moving from WhatsApp to Telegram is the dynamic nature of the Telegram app. The team is always expanding features and rolling out new functionality. While Telegram is already filled to the brim with more features than most messaging apps, it still manages to surprise users every few weeks or months with additional updates. It Might Be Time to Leave WhatsApp for Telegram WhatsApp's new privacy policy has made a lot of users feel uncertain. If you're one of them, consider the benefits of using Telegram that we've listed here. It certainly has a lot to offer in terms of privacy and the overall architecture and additional features are making people reconsider their ties to WhatsApp.

Telegram has Created a Channel for Testing New Features

The Telegram team is releasing more and more features and platforms on which thousands of users can interact simultaneously, so it is important to fully test them before launch. Beta testers received a new message from a verified Telegram account today about a new channel dedicated to organizing tests that require large numbers of people. If you want to become a tester and are ready to report possible bugs,
As we continue to release more features and platforms on which thousands of users can interact at the same time, it’s essential to fully test their capabilities before release.
To do this, we are launching a private channel specifically to coordinate scheduled tests of upcoming features.
You do not have to join, but if you wish to participate in Telegram's development process by providing quality testing and feedback,

Click this link to join: 


Simple group creating with another user for Telegram MacOS Beta

In Telegram for macOS Beta, you can now create a group chat with another user directly from the personal dialog window. You can do this by clicking on the three dots, and selecting the appropriate item in the pop-up menu.

‘Nanogram Messenger’ brings the full Telegram experience to your Apple Watch

Kosta Eleftheriou, the developer behind FlickType for Apple Watch and the developer who has exposed countless App Store scams, is out with a new Apple Watch app today. Nanogram Messenger is a new app for Telegram users that aims to bring the full Telegram experience to your Apple Watch.

Some context to the launch of Nanogram Messenger is that the Apple Watch version of the official Telegram app leaves quite a bit to be desired. The app does not work independently of your iPhones, which means that even if you have a cellular-enabled Apple Watch, you can’t use Telegram on your Apple Watch without having your iPhone nearby.

Nanogram aims to fill this void with a fully native Telegram experience on the Apple Watch. The app allows you to view, send, and receive Telegram messages on your Apple Watch, whether your iPhone is nearby or not.

As far as privacy is concerned, Eleftheriou says that Nanogram communicates directly with Telegram using Telegram’s official SDK and does not collect any information.

Nanogram also integrates support for FlickType, which is a swipe keyboard that is designed for Apple Watch. This makes it easy to type out messages on the Apple Watch’s display using a gesture-based keyboard.

Nanogram is available on the App Store for Apple Watch as a free download. If you’re a Telegram user with an Apple Watch, Nanogram is a must-have application for truly iPhone-free communication while on the go.

Video Calls with up to 1000 Viewers, Video Playback Speed, Video Messages 2.0 and More

Telegram for Android and iOS 7.9 are released

Group Video Calls 2.0
• Group Video Calls now support up to 1000 video viewers, as well as unlimited audio-only listeners.
• To start a Group Video Call, create a Voice Chat from the info page of any group where you are an admin — then turn your video on.

Video Playback Speed
• Tap … in the media player to select 0.5, 1.5 or 2X playback speed while viewing a video.

Video Messages 2.0
• Enjoy higher resolution from video messages in your chats.
• Tap a video message to expand it.
• Pinch to zoom while recording a video message with the rear camera.
• Continue playing music while recording video messages.
• Tap once on the 'voice message' button to switch to video mode, then hold to record and release to send.

• Add timestamps like '0:45' to video captions and replies to automatically create links that play the video from that specific moment.
• If a video caption includes a timestamp, hold on it to copy a link to that moment.

Improved In-App Camera
• Switch to 0.5x or 2x zoom when taking photos or videos if this is supported by your device.
• Press and hold the zoom button to open a zoom wheel with granular controls.

Screen Sharing with Sound
• Share your screen in 1-on-1 video calls, as well as group video calls.
• Audio from your device is included while sharing your screen in any video call.
• Swipe left or right to select a video source when turning on your camera in any video call.

and More
• Tap 'Select' in the forwarding menu to choose multiple recipients.
• Swipe with two fingers in the chat list to select multiple chats.
• Enable auto-delete in your chats to remove messages after 1 month (also 1 day or 1 week).
• Easily draw small details in the media editor – the brush now gets smaller as you zoom in.
• Profile pictures in groups follow the messages as you scroll the chat.

Telegram Screen sharing in personal calls - Telegram Beta

Screen sharing in personal calls. In Telegram for Android Beta, ability of sharing screen in personal calls has been added. Previously, you could share you screen only in voice chats.

Telegram Video Messages improvements - Telegram Beta

Video Messages improvements

• Expanded View
• Change playing position
• Pinch to zoom

Telegram Changing Video Playing Speed - Telegram Beta

Telegram for Android Beta has received support for speeding up and slowing down videos.

In-App update in Telegram X

Telegram X strings for Android have appeared on the official messenger translation platform. The strings are responsible for the built-in app update by passing the store. Probably, the application will be updated through an integrated loader, similar to Telegram for Android, installed via an APK file or from the website, or from Telegram Desktop.

The results of the second round of the Data Clustering Contest have been announced

The results of the second round of the Data Clustering Contest are in. In our evaluation, accuracy and speed were the main criteria. If a submission required adjustments or fixes to make it work, it was penalized accordingly.

1st PLACE – $12,000
  1. Gifted Piranha
2nd PLACE – $7,500
  1. Dark Lizard
  2. Small Goose (-$200 path fixing penalty)
3rd PLACE – $4,000
  1. Mindful Kitten (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
4th PLACE – $2,500
  1. Humble Eagle
  2. Sharp Sloth
  3. Gifted Lemur
  4. Bright Deer
  5. Hip Hyena
  6. Quick Beaver (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
  7. Daring Frog (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
  8. Tall Raccoon (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
More detailed information on each submission is available on the contest platform.
Stay tuned for more contests and results this summer!

How To Make Own Telegram 24*7 Music Player On Qovery

A Telegram Bot to Play Audio in Voice Chats With YouTube and Deezer support. Supports Live streaming from YouTube

Special Features
  • Playlist, queue
  • Supports Live streaming from youtube
  • Supports both deezer and youtube to search songs.
  • Play from telegram file supported.
  • Starts Radio after if no songs in playlist.
  • Automatically downloads audio for the first two tracks in the playlist to ensure smooth playing
  • Automatic restart even if heroku restarts.
NOTE: If you are deploying more bots/apps in same environment, set scope of environment variable as for Application.

  1. API_ID : Get From
  2. API_HASH : Get from
  3. BOT_TOKEN : @Botfather
  5. CHAT : ID of Channel/Group where the bot plays Music Link.
  6. LOG_GROUP : Group to send Playlist, if CHAT is a Group Link
  7. ADMINS : ID of users who can use admin commands.
  8. ARQ_API : Get it for free from @ARQRobot, This is required for /dplay to work.
  9. STREAM_URL : Stream URL of radio station or a youtube live video to stream when the bot starts or with /radio command.
  10. MAXIMUM_DURATION : Maximum duration of song to play.(Optional)
  11. REPLY_MESSAGE : A reply to those who message the USER account in PM. Leave it blank if you do not need this feature.
  12. ADMIN_ONLY : Pass Y If you want to make /play and /dplay commands only for admins of CHAT. By default /play and /dplay is available for all.
NOTE: Make sure you have started a Voice Chat in your Group before deploying.

Not completely free, but works on credit system.
On sign up you will get $45 credits $0.000006 will be consumed for each seconds. So total days will be around 3 months if only a single app. You can get free credits by being active on their community

Online Streaming Links For Telegram Bots


For those who deployed Music Player, here are some Online Radio streams that you can use to stream in your Bot.


Club FM :
Radio Kerala :
Radio Mirchi:
Radio Suno :
Radio City :
Helo FM :
Red FM:

English -
Air Raipur -
Air Bilaspur -
Mirchi 90's -
Hungama 90s -
Purani Jeans -
Evergreen Bollywood -
Mirchi Love -
Drive Radio -
Hiru FM -;?listening-from-radio-garden=1616248750139
Toota Dil -
Pehla Nasha -
Meethi Mirchi -
Ishq FM -
Mirchi Unplugged -
Mirchi Indies -
Filmy Mirchi -
Radio Today -
Mirchi Top 20 -
FM Rainbow -
FM Gold -
Hungama Ghazal -
Gujarat Radio2 -;
Yo Punjabi -
Capital FM -


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