How To Create Telegram Uniborg User Bot



Install this application from Google Play : Click Here

Open Termux 

👉 termux-setup-storage

👉 pkg install python git

👉 python3.7 -m venv venv

👉 . ./venv/bin/activate

👉 cd /sdcard/Telegram

👉 git clone

👉 cd UniBorg

👉 pip install telethon

👉 python3

Follow the OnScreen prompts How to get your APP_ID and API_HASH?

1. Login to Click Here using an already registered Telegram account.
2. Click on API development tools
3. Create new application.(here in this video i have already created this you have to create this application first.)
4. for filling the app title,short name,url u can fill as u prefer.
5. Click on Save Changes.
6. In the new screen, App api_id is the APP_ID, and App api_hash is the API_HASH

N.B.: currently, You cannot revoke your APP_ID and API_HASH. Hence it should be kept confidential. Your account may get limited or deleted, if Telegram suspects that the APP_ID is being used for spamming.


How to get your APP_ID and API_HASH [web view] : Click Here
N.B.: Keep this string safe! Anyone with this string can use it to login into your account and do anything they want to to do. ?? Open this Heroku Link: Click Here ?? Follow the OnScreen prompts

?? App name, APP_ID, API_HASH, and HU_STRING_SESSION are mandatory fields. Rest of the fields can be left with the default values.

?? Tap on Deploy app

?? Wait for deploy to finish.

?? After deploy open the URL<Appname>/resources

?? Enable the worker dyno, by toggling the slide-toggle.

?? Done. Your UserBot is alive. Check with .helpme in any chat.

😳 commands available in @UniBorg 🌝

👉 .unload <PLUGIN NAME> Remove plugin from running

👉 .load <PLUGIN NAME> Reload plugin into the UserBot

👉 .send plugin <Plugin Name>

👉 .install plugin As reply to any valid @UniBorg plugin

👉 .afk [Optional Reason] Marks yourself as Away From Keyboard

👉 .calendar 2019-03-04 returns the Malayalam calendar for the date specified

👉 /admin Call ADMINs in a chat where @MasterTagAlertBot exists

👉 .coinflip [Optional Choice] Flips a coin and tells whether Heads or Tails

👉 .count Counts the Numbe rof Dialogs you have in your Telegram

👉 .currency 1 USD INR Gets the current currency conversion rate

👉 .dns HOST Get Domain Naming System Records of a Host on the Internet

👉 .url Shorten a long URL to a short URL

👉 .decide Get Yes or No decisions, at any time in any chat

👉 .download Reply to a Telegram media to download to local UserBot server

👉 .getsticker Reply to a sticker to get the sticker pack as an archive

👉 .kangsticker Reply to a sticker to add it your personal Telegram pack

👉 .emoji Four emoji animations (Read The Code to know how to use these)

👉 .eval <Python Code>

👉 .exec <BASH command>

👉 .filext <extension> Get information about an extension

👉 .fwd Get view counter on any post. Credits: @ManueI15

👉 !!gban [Optional Reason] Globally Ban an user from the entire network of Group Administration bots managed by you

👉 .get_admin [Optional Argument] Gets Administrators in a Channel

👉 .get_bot [Optional Argument] Gets Bots in a Channel

👉 .get_id Get ID of a Telegram chat

👉 .github <username> Get info about a GitHub user

👉 .google search <Search Query>

👉 .google image <Search Query>

👉 .dc

👉 .config <won't tell What this does>

👉 .helpme no one gonna help you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

👉 .ifsc rp <IFSC CODE> Get information about a bank knowing it's IFSC code

👉 .json Get Telegram metadata of any message

👉 .ocr <LangCode> Convert Image to Text using API

👉 .weather <Location> Gets the weather of a specified Location

👉 .paste <Optional Argument>

👉 .cpin Pins a message in a channel

👉 .ping

👉 .get_poll Displays the replied Poll as text

👉 .promote <Optional ID>

👉 .purge [Optional "me"] Reply to a message to clear all message starting from the replied message

👉 .makeqr [Optional Argument]

👉 .getqr Gets the information contained in a Quick Response image

👉 .sca [Optional Argument] Sends the relevant Chat Action to the target chat.

👉 .schd <time_in_seconds> ;=; <message to send>

👉 .screencapture URL

👉 .speedtest

👉 .stt <Lang Code> Convert Speech To Text

👉 .tagall @tagall in the target chat

👉 .telegraph <Positional Argument>

👉 .getime [Optional Argument] Displays the current system time

👉 .torrentz <Search Engine To Use> <Search Query> Searches the Torrent Search Engine for Search Query

👉 .torrent <INFO HASH> Converts the Info Hash to Magnetic Link and Torrent File

👉 .tr <Lang Code> Google Translate

👉 .tts <Lang Code> Google Text to Speech

👉 .unbanall Removes all user Restrictions in the current channel

👉 .kick <Optional Argument> @ukinti_bot PRO Feature

👉.(ban|unban|mute)  [Optional ID]

👉 .savethumbnail

👉 .clearthumbnail

👉 .uploadasstream <Path to File>

👉 .uploadasvn <Path to File>

👉 .upload <Path to File>

👉 .uploadir <Path to Directory>

👉 .ud <Word> Checks word in

👉 .whois [Optional ID] 

👉 .wikimedia <Search Query>

👉 .wikipedia <Search Query>


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