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The results of the second round of the Data Clustering Contest have been announced

The results of the second round of the Data Clustering Contest are in. In our evaluation, accuracy and speed were the main criteria. If a submission required adjustments or fixes to make it work, it was penalized accordingly.

1st PLACE – $12,000
  1. Gifted Piranha
2nd PLACE – $7,500
  1. Dark Lizard
  2. Small Goose (-$200 path fixing penalty)
3rd PLACE – $4,000
  1. Mindful Kitten (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
4th PLACE – $2,500
  1. Humble Eagle
  2. Sharp Sloth
  3. Gifted Lemur
  4. Bright Deer
  5. Hip Hyena
  6. Quick Beaver (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
  7. Daring Frog (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
  8. Tall Raccoon (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
More detailed information on each submission is available on the contest platform.
Stay tuned for more contests and results this summer!

Data Clustering Contest 2021, Round 2

Prize fund in round 2: $50,000.
Deadline: 23:59 on May, 2 (Dubai Time)
Task: improve the C/C++ library you created in Round 1 to determine the topic of Telegram channels based on provided data.

- Only participants of Round 1 ( take part.
- Categories should be determined for channels in English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Uzbek.
- Samples include more banned content than in Round 1, added 8 new categories.
- Samples include more data: number of subscribers, total number of text posts, total number of posts containing various media, metadata for media and links.


Telegram is looking for a data center engineer

This vacancy appeared on the official website of the messenger. It is worth noting that it was in the European data center that several failures occurred in a couple of months, as a result of which there were problems with access to the messenger throughout Eurasia. The European segment remains the most problematic among the rest of Telegram's infrastructure.

Responsibilities: creation, development, maintenance and troubleshooting of European Telegram infrastructure and network equipment, work with suppliers and representatives of data centers, participation in operational procedures, effective work with field projects.

Preferences: years of experience in troubleshooting and operating data centers, high knowledge of cabling and more, multitasking, dedication, ability to work in the EU without sponsorship.


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