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Changing the Theme for Individual Chats - Telegram Beta

In Telegram for Android 8.0.1 Beta, you can change the theme for individual chats. In private messages, each participant can change the theme and it will change for both sides. In groups and channels, the administrator changes the topic for everyone. Chat participants and channel subscribers can also change the theme, but only for themselves, locally, for this you need to click on the service notification about changing the chat theme. At the moment, the theme changing button is only available in personal chats, but it doesn't change the theme due to server restrictions. It will be enabled closer to the release.

The Call Button in Profile Header - Telegram Beta

In Telegram for Android 8.0.1 Beta, the call button moved from the context menu to the profile header. There is still no confirmation before the call.

Who Read my Message in the Telegram Group Chat - Telegram Beta

In Telegram for Android 8.0.1 Beta, you can find out who read the message in the group from now on. Voice and video messages will receive a list of those who not just saw them in the chat, but also who played and viewed them. Unlike macOS, the Android client allows you to view the list of viewers even at the service message about the beginning of a voice chat.

Advertising from Telegram or new tools for channel admins?

In Telegram for Android and macOS Beta, you can see a new type of message: "sponsored". The message is very similar to the advertising that was previously promised Pavel Durov, but in fact it may also be a tool for buying and selling advertising in Telegram channels.

Telegram v8.0.0 Beta Version Released; Video Recoding, Hide Sender Name

The new build gets the number 8.0 and quite a few changes. First of all, the messenger has added a news feed. It means that all incoming messages from the channels will now be in one place. Also, the developers have added the Sponsored tags to promotional posts, the ability to search for GIFs using emoji, message animations with four different gradients, and forwarding messages without an author.

Another interesting feature is the ability to record videos of different formats in voice chats. In addition videos can be in portrait or landscape orientation.

Video Recording in Voice Chat
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, you can record videos in video calls. Recording can be done in two modes: portrait and horizontal.Currently, due to server restrictions, video recording doesn't work.

Hide Sender's Name
In another words, forward without quotes. The well known feature in unofficial clients is now coming to official client. Just tap on the forward header above input box while forwarding message for hiding the sender/author name

Message bubbles animation 
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta now you can see the animation of message bubbles. Also, you can set a gradient on the message bubbles as well as on the background, including from 3 to 4 colors, which activates the bubble animation while sending messages.

Animated emojis for GIF tab
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, emojis that displays emotions for GIF animations have become animated.

Channel posts feed

In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, you can quickly switch to the next unread channel. After reading the channel completely, you should make a second swipe up.

Updated design of sticker preview
In Telegram for Android 8.0 Beta, the the sticker selection design after entering an emoji was updated.

Upcoming Telegram version 7.10 update

Telegram for Android developers updated source code of the app. Based on it, we made a list of future changes.

What's new:
  • After you reach the end of a channel, an extra swipe will open next unread channel. Currently it's unknown what name will be assigned to the feature.
  • Record video in voice chats in either horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Trending packs in the sticker chooser pane.
  • An option to forward messages without specifying the author of the original message.
  • (Not sure yet) animated gradient for message bubbles, just like background one.

Slow mode in the chat In Telegram X

Slow mode in the chat In Telegram X for Android Beta, you can set the slow mode in the chat.

Telegram X Local Update

In Telegram X for Android Beta, you can update the application bypassing the app store. You can download the APK on the @tgx_log channel. To verify the authenticity of the APK, you can use the @tgx_bot bot.

Telegram X for Android has been updated to version Beta

What's new:
— Added support for local updates bypassing the app store.
— Added ability to set up a slow mode in a group chat.
— The active sessions item is displayed on the "Settings" page.
— Added the "Save to music" button for the player.
— The assembly of native libraries on cmake has been rewritten.
— Added work on reproducible builds.
— Updated CameraX and other libraries.
— Support for the latest version of TDLib.
— Completely redesigned the processing of internal links.
— Added support for tg://settings links and other types.
— Added automatic build and notifications in @tgx_log.
— Preparation for the developer competition.
— Added transition to AGP 7.0.1
— Other changes.

Error correction:
— No date for uploading profile photos (further than the first one).
— Operation of the "Beginning" button when searching for messages by date.
— Operation of the "Set as current" and "Delete" buttons for old profile images.
— Other fixes.

"Hiding hints" button in Telegram for macOS

In Beta version of Telegram for macOS, you can press button to hide client prompts, that is displayed if no chat is selected. The hints can be returned by clicking the same button again.

Simple group creating with another user for Telegram MacOS Beta

In Telegram for macOS Beta, you can now create a group chat with another user directly from the personal dialog window. You can do this by clicking on the three dots, and selecting the appropriate item in the pop-up menu.

Telegram Screen sharing in personal calls - Telegram Beta

Screen sharing in personal calls. In Telegram for Android Beta, ability of sharing screen in personal calls has been added. Previously, you could share you screen only in voice chats.

Telegram Video Messages improvements - Telegram Beta

Video Messages improvements

• Expanded View
• Change playing position
• Pinch to zoom

Telegram Changing Video Playing Speed - Telegram Beta

Telegram for Android Beta has received support for speeding up and slowing down videos.

In-App update in Telegram X

Telegram X strings for Android have appeared on the official messenger translation platform. The strings are responsible for the built-in app update by passing the store. Probably, the application will be updated through an integrated loader, similar to Telegram for Android, installed via an APK file or from the website, or from Telegram Desktop.

Screen sharing in personal calls

In Telegram for macOS 7.8.1 Beta, ability of sharing screen in personal calls has been added. Previously, you could share you screen only in voice chats.

Telegram MacOs Beta - Setting up sticker suggestions

Setting up sticker suggestions
In Telegram for MacOS 7.8 Beta, a new setting to choose sticker hints for emojis has been added.

You can choose which stickers sets to suggest:
— None
— Installed packs
— All sticker packs (installed + Telegram featured ones)

Screen sharing with Internal Audio

Telegram beta v7.8.0 [2361] will allow you to share your screen along with the internal audio in group video chats. Supported on Android 10 and higher.

Video calls for the first 30 voice chat participants.

Video calls for the first 30 voice chat participants. In Telegram for Android 7.8.0 Beta, video functionality is available only for the first 30 participants of the voice chat. It means that the 31st participant will no longer be able to see other users' videos or broadcast their own. For such participant, the chat will become just a voice chat: you will be able to speak yourself and hear other speakers. Currently, chats are tested with this restriction, the limit will be increased in the next updates.

Group video calls are available in beta for Windows 10 users

Unigram 7.8 Beta has received video support in voice chats.

What's new:

— Demonstration of the entire screen and individual applications.
— Ability to locally pin video to full screen.
— Ability to share the image from the screen and from the webcam at the same time.



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