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Hey guys, I am gonna share a list of best telegram bots in this post. Telegram bots are nothing but third party application inside telegra...



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How To Host Telegram Bot on AWS - Amazon Web Services

How to Deploy Marie Bot using AWS 

Configure your Instance;

    1. Create an AWS account!

    Link :

    2. Launch an EC2 instance.

    3. Convert PEM file to PPK file using PuTTY

    Download PuTTY :

    4. Connect to EC2 instance using PuTTy

5. Some required commands,
        sudo apt update
        sudo apt upgrade
        sudo apt-get install python3-pip

NOTE: Use Enter key to run your commands.

Use right click to paste your copied command into terminal.

Now your instance is ready to USE!

Configure Marie Bot REPO;

1. Clone the source code of Marie

Source code:

2. Create file from

    Bot Token : from Bot Father @botfather

    Owner ID : from Rose ( /id ) @MissRose_bot

    Owner username : Any name

    Database URL : from AWS

Deploy your Marie REPO in AWS instance;

1. Using screens is a better way to run your programs.

        screen -S marie

This will open a new screen inside our main terminal.

2. Clone your source code to your instance

        git clone <your_repo_url>

Enter your GitHub username and password and hit enter!

3. Change your current directory

        cd <repo name>

4. Install required dependencies.

        pip3 install -r requirements.txt

5. Start your BOT !

        python3 -m tg_bot

Your BOT is ready to use :)

Some Usefull commands;

> To detach from current screen

Ctrl + a + d ( hold Ctrl and press a and d sequentially )

> To see all active screens

screen -ls

> To attach to a screen

screen -r number

>To detach from a screen

screen -d number

>To logout from terminal with BOT running in screen

Ctrl + a + d


AWS Free Tier Has many limitations. Some Important things to know!!

> Free tier instances will be available for 1 year! After that it will be charged. You need to either pay or need to delete the instance.

> It will be completely free for 1 Year if you stay within the limits!!

> Free Tier has 15GB Bandwidth limit/Month. That is, You cant host any bots that transfers data outside of server. Like Rename or Upload bots! Because Uploading your file to telegram counts as Outbound traffic. And 15 GB is too less for that!

> Max Storage allocated for free tier is 30GB! If you select above that, Your card will be billed!

> AWS RDS Postgres DB used for Marie BOT is free for 12 months. You must delete you DB Before free tier ENDS or else your card will be billed!
If you plan to use free, all you filters will be lost after 1 year!
So better use any other DB instead of AWS RDS if you want to keep your filters. Heroku Postgres DB is also a option!
Simply copy the DB URL from heroku and paste in file :)

> Only make one instance in free tier! If you make two, you will be Billed!

This is just a TUTORIAL on how to host bots inside a VPS or VPC etc!
We are not responsible if you exceed any limits and YOU are charged..

If you are willing to pay for VPS there are many better options other than AWS such as Digital Ocean, Scaleway, Hetzner etc..

Credits: @prgofficial

How To Create WhatsApp User Bot - WhatsAsena

WhatsAsena project - Makes it easy and fun to use Whatsapp. Also first userbot for Whatsapp

How to set up Whatsasena?

  1. Termux or download iSH. if you using pc; Powershell run as administrator.
  2. Paste the codes;
    • Termux: bash <(curl -L
    • iOS: There is no support for IOS
    • Windows 10: Invoke-Expression (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')
  3. If it asks questions like Y/N please type Y If all transactions done successfully, you will see a QR code., you need to scan this QR code in the WhatsApp. Process is so simple;
    • Open the WhatsApp.
    • Click on the 3 dots above.
    • Choose Whatsapp Web.
    • Scan the QR code.
  4. It will give us long code that starts with ASENA ;;;. This String Session specially designed by the AsenaDev team. Copy this.
  5. Click This link and click the purple button.
  6. Paste the code you received into the ASENA_SESSIONS section.


*πŸ›  All Command:*

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Ban someone in the group. Reply to message or tag a person to use command.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Adds someone to the group.
*⌨️ Example:*
.add 905xxxxxxxxx

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Makes any person an admin.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Takes the authority of any admin.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Mute the group chat. Only the admins can send a message.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Unmute the group chat. Anyone can send a message.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Provides the group's invitation link.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It makes you AFK.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Allows to run the command on the server's shell.
*⌨️ Example:*
.term ls

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It adds a filter. If someone writes your filter, it send the answer. If you just write .filter, it show's your filter list.
*⌨️ Example:*
.filter "merhaba" "merhaba, nasΔ±lsΔ±n?"

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Stops the filter you added previously.
*⌨️ Example:*
.stop "merhaba"

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It sets the welcome message. If you leave it blank it shows the welcome message.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Sets the goodbye message. If you leave blank, it show's the goodbye message.

*πŸ›  Command:*

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It kicks you grop you are.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Makes the profile photo what photo you reply.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Removes the background of the photos.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It translates with Google Translate. You must reply any massage.
*⌨️ Example:*
.trt tr it (From Turkish to Italian)

*πŸ›  Command:*

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It converts text to sound.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Uploads the song you wrote.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Downloads video from YouTube.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It searchs on YouTube.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Searches Wikipedia.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
It converts your replied photo or video to sticker.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Does bot work?

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Shows the system properties.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Tags everyone in the group.

*πŸ›  Comand:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Checks the update.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Shows the weather.
*⌨️ Example:*
.weather BakΓΌ

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Measures Download and Upload speed.

*πŸ›  Command:*
*πŸ’¬ Description:*
Measures your ping.


WhatsApp name, its variations and the logo are registered trademarks of Facebook. We have nothing to do with the registered trademark

How To Create Telegram Jarvis User bot

~ Jarvis Userbot is The Bot Which Follows Telegram API Rules .... 
~ No Abusive Content As Mentioned In Telegram API Terms and Services ....... 
~ You Will Get a Minimal Chance of Getting Banned in Telegram..
~ The Bot Which Has Most Fun Filled Filled With It
~ Vars Will Be Added Soon
~ Customisable Command Handler
 And Soon Some More Modifications Will Be added Soon

Jarvis userbot Support

Support Channel:

  1. ALIVE_NAME: Fill your Full name or Username like @Username
  2. ALIVE_PIC: @vTelegraphBot
  3. API_HASH & APP_ID :
  5. OWNER_ID @googleimgbot
  6. PLUGIN_CHANNEL: @googleimgbot
  7. PRIVATE_GROUP_ID: @googleimgbot
  9. SUDO_USERS: @googleimgbot
  10. TG_BOT_TOKEN_BF_HER: @BotFather [Don't Forget To Turn of inline Mode on bot settings]
  11. TZ:

The Normal Way

Simply clone the repository and run the main file:

git clone
cd jarvis
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
# <Create with variables as given below>
python3 -m jarvis

An example file could be: Not All of the variables are mandatory The Userbot should work by setting only the first two variables

from heroku_config import Var

class Development(Var):
  APP_ID = 6
  API_HASH = "eb06d4abfb49dc3eeb1aeb98ae0f581e"

UniBorg Configuration

The UniBorg Config is situated in userbot/ Heroku Configuration Simply just leave the Config as it is. Local Configuration Fortunately there are no Mandatory vars for the UniBorg Support Config.


Your Telegram account may get banned. I am not responsible for any improper use of this bot This bot is intended for the purpose of having fun with memes, as well as efficiently managing groups. You ended up spamming groups, getting reported left and right, and you ended up in a Finale Battle with Telegram and at the end Telegram Team deleted your account? And after that, then you pointed your fingers at us for getting your acoount deleted? I will be rolling on the floor laughing at you.

Today's update brings you multiple pinned messages, proximity alerts for Live Locations, sending music as Playlists, and more

Today's update brings you multiple pinned messages, proximity alerts for Live Locations, sending music as Playlists, and more.

All chats, including one-on-one chats now support multiple pinned messages. Tap on the top bar to jump through them in chat, or use the new icon to open all the pinned messages on a separate page.

When sharing Live Location, you can now set distance alerts that will send you a notification when someone is close, and icons on the map show which direction users are facing.

Sending multiple music files at the same time will create a playlist. Pressing play will automatically add the rest of the tracks to your queue. For other file types, multiple photos or documents will be sent as an album.

It wouldn’t be an update without extra animated emoji, so check out what happens when you send a single ⚰️ πŸŽƒ πŸ§›‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ πŸ¦‡ πŸ•· πŸ•Έ 🌜 πŸŒ› or πŸ—Ώ in chat (and tap on the animated ⚰️ and πŸŽƒ emojis in chat for an extra surprise).

If you’re feeling lucky, see if you can hit the jackpot using 🎰.

For more info on all these changes and more, including Channel Stats for individual posts and new Android animations, read the blog here:

How to Create Your Own Telegram All Messages Deleting Bot | InFoTel

How to Create Your Own Telegram All Messages Deleting Bot?

Available Commands

/delall - Delete All Message

/selfrom - Select first Message 
/selto - Select Last Message
/seldel - Delete Selected Message   

/seldel photo - Delete All Photos
/seldel document -Delete All Documents 
/seldel sticker - Delete All Stickers 
/seldel audio - Delete All audio
/seldel animation - Delete All animation
/seldel video - Delete All video
/seldel video_note - Delete All video note
/seldel text - Delete All text
/seldel voice - Delete All voice

/seldel document photo - Delete All 
document & photo
/seldel sticker voice - Delete All 
sticker & voice

Credit: ThankTelegram

How To Make Telegram File Sharing Bot

You Can Create Your Own Telegram File Sharing Bot with Zero Coding

Support Group: @ThankTelegram


Open this link:
Bot Father: @BotFather


Your πŸ₯Ί bot will be up in no πŸ₯΅ time!

P.S.: All this is free, and so if you like the efforts consider donating to the developer. For any feedback or suggestions, please reply to this message.

Credit: @SpEcHlDe


Please Note: All files sent to the bot, will be permanently available to all the users, till the file / message is available in the respective channel.

If you need to take down any file, please contact the original creator of the respective Telegram Bot. This service does not store / make available any files in any shape / form. We have absolutely no knowledge of the content that any users sends to their Telegram Bots, we don't save anything, not even the searches. Indexing process is completely manual. we don't check it. Whatever the stupid users suck in goes, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This is merely a bot creation tool, aimed at experimenting with the Telegram Login Widget.

Restricting access to the official Telegram website in Belarus

A subscriber of the Belarusian operator A1 reported a certificate error on the official Telegram website - Instead of the original GoDaddy certificate, a certificate is provided from a certain "OSOO Alternative Digital Network". In the course, it turned out that in this way A1 is unsuccessfully trying to show a stub about blocking a web resource.

Earlier in Belarus, the Nekhta channel was recognized as extremist and a resolution was adopted on the need to block it.

The error occurs due to the fact that the provider is trying to take secure traffic under its control: in order to view or modify the transmitted data, the provider must replace the legitimate certificate with its own, but modern browsers do not trust such certificates.

In this case, the error is harmless, but in the future, intelligence services may try to listen to traffic in a similar way, performing a so-called MITM attack. They tried to deploy such tactics in Kazakhstan , but after the failure the idea was abandoned.

Never install certificates on your device if the carriers convince you to do so: this directly gives your ISP access to all web traffic.

Correspondence in official Telegram clients remains secure, since Telegram uses its own protocol, independent of this wiretapping technique.

For Telegram links to work on Android again, you need to install Telegram as the default app to open such links:
  1. If, when you click on a link, you are prompted to open it in Telegram or a browser, choose Telegram.
  2. If the pop-up window does not appear: Hold down the Telegram icon and open the "About application" item. Select the "Default Actions" section. Under Open Supported Links, select Open or Allow.
To open the link on iOS in Telegram, hold down this link and select "Open in Telegram".