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Telegram Removed from App Store in China

According to Bloomberg, the App Store has removed Telegram from its platform in China at the request of authorities. In addition, Threads, WhatsApp, and Signal were also removed. Previously, Chinese authorities required developers to register in order for their apps to remain on the domestic market.

Supreme Court of Spain Suspends Order to Block Telegram

Today, the Supreme Court of Spain suspended its order to block Telegram in the country as it awaits a police report on the impact of the temporary ban on users.

Judge Santiago Pedraz instructed the national police to prepare a report on "the characteristics of Telegram, as well as the impact of the temporary suspension on its users." As a reminder, the order to block Telegram in Spain was issued on Friday, March 22.

Pavel Durov on Brazil’s Block on Telegram

Pavel Durov recently made a post in his channel in which he recalled that Telegram’s mission is “to preserve privacy and freedom of speech around the world”.

According to Durov, Telegram has always been on the side of protecting privacy and freedom of speech, no matter in what country it operates. When local laws contradict these principles, the messenger is forced to leave the market. For example, earlier, Telegram was banned in China, Iran and Russia because of its principled position on the issue of human rights.

A court in Brazil has requested data that Telegram is technically unable to provide, and the company is appealing the decision. Durov also noted that no matter how much it costs, Telegram will protect the interests of its users in Brazil and their right to private communication.

Telegram fined €5.1M by Germany

Germany announced Monday that it is issuing fines of 5.125 million euros ($5 million) against the operators of the messaging app Telegram for failing to comply with German law. The Federal Office of Justice said Telegram FZ-LLC hasn't established a lawful way for reporting illegal content or named an entity in Germany to receive official communication. Both are required under German laws that regulate large online platforms.

German officials said they have repeatedly failed in their attempts to serve papers to Dubai-based Telegram, despite support from authorities in the United Arab Emirates. A Germany-based law firm has since declared that it represents Telegram, but this wasn't enough to prevent the fines being issued, the Federal Office of Justice said. German federal police warned earlier this year that the app is becoming a “medium for radicalization,” used by some to target politicians, scientists and doctors for their role in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

“The operators of messaging services and social networks bear a particular responsibility for acting against incitement to hatred and violence on their platforms,” Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said in a statement. “These legal requirements and this responsibility can't be avoided by trying to be unreachable.” The fine can be appealed.

Telegram filed for enforcement of fines in the amount of $148.000

The bailiffs opened new cases against Telegram on the enforcement of fines, for a total of $148.000, because it refused to remove content prohibited in the Russian Federation. According to the data bank of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP), based on the decision of the Tagansky Court of Moscow dated December 20 2021, three enforcement proceedings were initiated against the company to collect $67.000, $27.000 and $54.000 in fines. As reported, in mid-December 2021, Telegram fully paid off the debt in fines for the amount of $200.000.


Russian court fines Google, Telegram

A Moscow court on Monday ordered fresh fines for US tech giant Google and Russian-founded encrypted messaging service Telegram, accusing the companies of not removing illegal content. Telegram was fined four million rubles (49,440 euros) and Google two million rubles, the court's press service said on its Telegram channel. It did not disclose the exact nature of their offences.

Russia has piled fines on the world's biggest tech companies in recent months, with authorities accusing them of not moderating their content properly and interfering in the country's affairs. Facebook, Twitter, Google and other foreign tech giants have received fines of up to tens of millions of rubles in recent years. Telegram, was founded by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who are based outside the country.

Telegram was fined about $120,000

The Russian court fined Telegram another $120,000. This is caused by the refusal to remove illegal content, which is subject to restriction in accordance with the law. Thus, the amount of fines imposed by Telegram in Russia for refusing to remove prohibited content amounted to $480,000.

Telegram Facing $220,000 in Fines from Russian Authorities

Western social media giants Telegram, Facebook and Twitter will be called into a Moscow court this month where they will face fines of nearly $1 million for refusing to remove "prohibited content," Russian media reported Saturday.

The companies will face a total of nine administrative offenses during a hearing to held in the Tagansky district of Moscow on Sept. 14, the government news agency Tass reported.

Under the charges, Facebook is facing five charges and is looking at a possible fine of around $550,000 while Twitter and Telegram face two charges each with possible fines totaling more than $400,000.

Russia fined Telegram for $150,000

A fine is imposed according to three protocols on the non-removal of prohibited content. The decision was made by the magistrate of the judicial district No. 422. Telegram Messenger Inc. was sentenced to four, five and two million rubles.

Russia fined Telegram for $140,000

The magistrate of the 422nd court district in Moscow fined Telegram and Facebook for $140,000 (10 million rubles) and $235,000 (17 million rubbles) accordingly. There are multiple proceedings valuing for Telegram 2 or 3 million rubbles each. All of them are filled in according to a law which enforces social media to remove illegal content. Earlier, the magistrate of Tagansk region in Moscow fined Telegram in two proceedings filled by Roskomnadzor, totally valuing $70,000 (5 million rubbles).

Telegram may be fined another 16 million rubbles for refusing to delete prohibited information

The Magistrate's Court of Moscow on June 10 will consider the issue of fines against the Telegram messenger for another 16 million rubles for refusing to delete prohibited information at the request of Roskomnadzor. Earlier, the world judicial department of the Tagansky district of Moscow fined the Telegram messenger for a total amount of 5 million rubles under two Roskomnadzor protocols for refusing to delete information about calls for minors to take part in unauthorized actions in Moscow.


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