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Set Reminder for Scheduled Voice Chat

Set Reminder for Scheduled Voice Chat - Beta v7.7

- Users will be shown with scheduled Voice chat bar in groups
- A reminder can be set to get notified on starting the scheduled Voice chat
- On the voice chat start, a message will be received from Telegram Service notifications account

Telegram X - Anonymous admin

Anonymous admin has a nice little icon in Admin list 
Anonymous admin has an option to make himself visible without the promoted admin making the changes (which is not working as of now)

Confirmation message for cancelling forward

A confirmation message is shown for cancelling a forwarding message. The popup has actions to Cancel the forward or Select other chat

Group calls appeared in Telegram!

The Beta version of Telegram for Android introduces group audio calls. The group call can be started by an administrator with special permission for this.

There are two options for group calls:
- Everyone can talk.
- Only admins can speak.

Telegram X forward message settings moved to a new location

In Telegram X Android versions Beta settings, forward the message, was moved to a new location. Now to gain access to the settings necessary to hold the button "Send" and select "More options...".


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