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New Telegram Monetization System

A source close to Telegram talked to Durov's Code on the specifics of the new monetization system. Here are the main points of the article :

• The Telegram Advertising Platform  now allows purchasing ads only with TON. Payment by fiat currency remains available only to advertising agencies: their personal accounts on the Telegram website still allow this.

• Ads purchased with TON can only be targeted to specific channels. It is impossible to target them to any topic or location. Such ads cannot contain external links, but the entry threshold for buying them is only 20 TON.

• Ads purchased with TON aren't displayed to channel subscribers if the phone numbers linked to their accounts are issued by Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, or Germany.

• The "Monetization" tab is available in the channel statistics section only if at least half of the channel's subscribers have phone numbers issued outside of Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, or Germany, and the total number of channel subscribers exceeds 1,000. The location of the channel owner and the phone number of their account do not affect the display of the "Monetization" tab.

• Even if the "Monetization" tab is not displayed on a channel, the channel owner's account will still receive funds from ads purchased with TON and shown to their channel's subscribers. However, they will not be able to withdraw these funds until the conditions from the previous point are met.


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