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How To Create Telegram Cat Userbot

Cat userbot is the pro bot based on telethon with new useful features and incomparable plugins and unwatchable simplicity. Making the use of telegram more accurate and simple by the userbot way you can get built help menu and also usage for many plugins.

Cat Userbot

Support Channel: @catuserbot17
Support Group: @catuserbot_support

Important Feuteres

* G-drive
* Songs 
* Video songs
* Build in help support 
* Sending location
* Sudo users feature
* YouTube download
* Group managing(promoting,demoting,mute , global mute)
* PM Permit


6. TG_BOT_TOKEN_BF_HER: @BotFather
8. TZ:

For PMpermit and afk functioning you need to set 2 values in heroku
Go to heroku - Desktop view - Your app - Settings - Reveal config vars - Add key and value 

And you can get value by creating a new private group along with any bot like rose and type this message in group .get_id
Here are both have same values

To G-Drive setup check this guide:

How To Create Your Own URL Upload Telegram Bot

How To Create Your Own URL Upload Telegram Bot Im a simple URL Uploader bot. Send me any valid Direct URL ill upload it to telegram. Don't know how to use me ? click /help if you needed any help.


Link: [Clone Link]
Link: [Use VPN] 

Create TeamDrive (Unlimited Google Drive) & Link Sharing With CloudFlare Workers


2. Teamdrive: @HK2_ROBOT
3. Go, and follow its instructions.
4. Cloud Flare :

Source Code:

Manual way

  1. Install rclone
  2. Setup your Google Drive:
  3. Run rclone config file to find your rclone.conf location
  4. Find refresh_token in your rclone.conf, and root_folder_id too(optionally).
  5. Copy the content of worker/dist/worker.js to CloudFlare Workers.
  6. Fill refresh_tokenroot_folder_id and other options on the top of the script.
  7. Deploy!

Lite mode

This mode will serve a simple nginx-like directory listing, and it only work with one drive. upload will be ignored in this mode.
On the top of the script, change lite: false into lite: true, than thats all.

Telegram Bot for Covert Telegram Media file to Streamable Video with Custom Thumbnail Support

Telegram Bot for Covert Telegram Media file to Streamable Video with Custom Thumbnail Support
TG_BOT_TOKEN: @BotFather


/start - Check if the Bot is Online! 
/help - How to use this Bot? 
/upgrade - Upgrade your status 
/converttovideo - Convert to Streamable Video

Credit: @Spechide

How To Create Telegram Screenshot | Trim | Sample Video Generator Bot

Telegram Bot For Screenshot Generation. An attempt to implement the screenshot generation of telegram files without downloading the entire file. and 

1. Screenshot Generation - Generates screenshots from telegram video files or streaming links. Number of screenshots range from 2-10. And Watermark, Colors 
2. Sample Video Generation Generates sample video from telegram video files or streaming links. Video duration range from 30s to 150s. Configurable in /settings
3. Video Trimming - Trims any telegram video files or streaming links. Video duration depends on the environment. By default upto 10 mins (600s).
Essay Way To Install

Step 1

API_ID (required):
API_HASH (required):

AUTH_USERS (required): @MissRose_bot
BOT_TOKEN (required): @BotFather
DATABASE_URL (required):

Step 2

Create HOST

API_ID (required):
API_HASH (required):
Bot Father: @BotFather

NOTE 1: Bot Token should be same in Step 1 & 2
NOTE 2 : Heroku is giving only 550Hr/Month for free Users. Recommended to create Separate Heroku Accounts for Step 1 & 2

Supported commands

/start - Command to start bot or check whether bot is alive.
/settings - Command to configure bot's behavior'
/set_watermark - Command to add custom watermark text to screenshots. Usage: /set_watermark watermark_text.
/status - Admin/Auth users only command. Returns number of total users.
/ban_user - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to ban any user. Usage: /ban_user user_id ban_duration ban_reason. user_id - telegram id of the user, ban_duration - ban duration in days, ban_reason - reason for ban. All 3 parameters are required.
/unban_user - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to ban any banned user. Usage: /unban_user user_id. user_id - telegram id of the user. The parameter is required.
/banned_users - Admin/Auth users only command. Command to view all banned users. Usage: 
/banned_users This takes no parameters.


*Upload Mode - Screenshot upload mode. Either as image file or as document file. Defaults to as image file.
*Watermark - Watermark text to be embedded to screenshots. Texts upto 30 characters supported. Disabled by default.
*Watermark Color - Font color to be used for watermark. Any of white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, gold, silver, pink. Defaults to white.
*Watermark Font Size - Font size to be used for watermarks. Any of small(30), medium(40), large(50). Defaults to medium.
*Sample Video Duration - Sample video's duration. Any of 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s. Defaults to 30s.
Screenshot Genetation Mode - Either random or equally spaced. Defaults to equally spaced.

Support Group & Support Channel
Credit: @odysseusmax 

How To Create Telegram Friday UserBot

BEST EVER USERBOT WITH AWESOME FEATURES AND BETTER THAN OTHER BOTS. Best User Bot To Manage Your Telegram Account. Most PowerFul And Better And Secure !

Support Group: @FridayOt

Easy Way Installing


Rose Bot: @MissRose_bot
SUDO_USERS: @MissRose_bot

The Normal Way

Simply clone the repository and run the main file:
git clone
cd FridayUserbot
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
# <Create with variables as given below>
python3 -m userbot
An example file could be:
Not All of the variables are mandatory
The Userbot should work by setting only the first two variables
from heroku_config import Var

class Development(Var):
  APP_ID = 6
  API_HASH = "eb06d4abfb49dc3eeb1aeb98ae0f581e"

UniBorg Configuration

The UniBorg Config is situated in userbot/
Heroku Configuration Simply just leave the Config as it is.
Local Configuration Fortunately there are no Mandatory vars for the UniBorg Support Config.

How To Make Own Telegram Rename Bot

Hello, How To Create Your Own Telegram Rename Free Bot. No Limit

AUTH_USERS: @MissRose_bot
TG_BOT_TOKEN: @BotFather

Credit: TG Bots UpdatesInFoTel Group

Boost Telegram Download & Upload Speed

How To Create Own Torrent To G-drive Telegram Bot

What is this repo about?

This is a telegram bot writen in python for mirroring files on the internet to our beloved Google Drive.


This project is heavily inspired from @out386 's telegram bot which is written in JS.

Features supported:

  • Magnet or torrent to gdrive
  • Mirroring direct download links to google drive
  • Download progress
  • Upload progress
  • Download/upload speeds and ETAs
  • Docker support
  • Uploading To Team Drives.
  • Index Link support
  • Service account support
  • Mirror all youtube-dl supported links
  • Mirror telegram files

Repo Link:

NB: Usage of Aria2 may leads to the suspension of your heroku account so deploy at your own risk.


AUTH_CHATS: @MissRose_bot
BOT_TOKEN: @BotFather
Google Drive:
Cloud Flare :
OAuth API credential:

Note: You can limit maximum concurrent downloads by changing the value of MAX_CONCURRENT_DOWNLOADS in By default, it's set to 2
Fill up rest of the fields in app.json. Meaning of each fields are discussed below:
  • BOT_TOKEN : The telegram bot token that you get from @BotFather
  • GDRIVE_FOLDER_ID : This is the folder ID of the Google Drive Folder to which you want to upload all the mirrors.
  • DOWNLOAD_DIR : The path to the local folder where the downloads should be downloaded to
  • DOWNLOAD_STATUS_UPDATE_INTERVAL : A short interval of time in seconds after which the Mirror progress message is updated. (I recommend to keep it 5 seconds at least)
  • OWNER_ID : The Telegram user ID (not username) of the owner of the bot
  • AUTO_DELETE_MESSAGE_DURATION : Interval of time (in seconds), after which the bot deletes it's message (and command message) which is expected to be viewed instantly. Note: Set to -1 to never automatically delete messages
  • IS_TEAM_DRIVE : (Optional field) Set to "True" if GDRIVE_FOLDER_ID is from a Team Drive else False or Leave it empty.
  • USE_SERVICE_ACCOUNTS: (Optional field) (Leave empty if unsure) Whether to use service accounts or not. For this to work see "Using service accounts" section below.
  • INDEX_URL : (Optional field) Refer to The URL should not have any trailing '/'
  • API_ID : This is to authenticate to your telegram account for downloading Telegram files. You can get this from DO NOT put this in quotes.
  • API_HASH : This is to authenticate to your telegram account for downloading Telegram files. You can get this from
  • SESSION_STRING : Session string generated by running:

Youtube-dl authentication using .netrc file

For using your premium accounts in youtube-dl, edit the netrc file (in the root directory of this repository) according to following format:
machine host login username password my_youtube_password
where host is the name of extractor (eg. youtube, twitch). Multiple accounts of different hosts can be added each separated by a new line

Credit: @W4RR10R @ViruZs & lzzy12 (Code)

Boost Telegram Download & Upload Speed

How To Create Your Own Telegram File To Link Generation Bot


A Telegram bot that can stream Telegram files to users over HTTP.


Install dependencies (see requirements.txt), configure environment variables (see below) and run with python3 -m tgfilestream.
A reverse proxy is recommended to add TLS. When using a reverse proxy, keep HOST as-is, but add the publicly accessible URL to PUBLIC_URL. The URL should include the protocol, e.g.
Source Code:
Telegram Api:
Bot Father: @BotFather

Environment variables
  • TG_API_ID (required) - Your Telegram API ID.
  • TG_API_HASH (required) - Your Telegram API hash.
  • TG_SESSION_NAME (defaults to tgfilestream) - The name of the Telethon session file to use.
  • PORT (defaults to 8080) - The port to listen at.
  • HOST (defaults to localhost) - The host to listen at.
  • PUBLIC_URL (defaults to http://localhost:8080) - The prefix for links that the bot gives.
  • TRUST_FORWARD_HEADERS (defaults to false) - Whether or not to trust X-Forwarded-For headers when logging requests.
  • DEBUG (defaults to false) - Whether or not to enable extra prints.
  • LOG_CONFIG - Path to a Python basic log config. Overrides DEBUG.
  • REQUEST_LIMIT (default 5) - The maximum number of requests a single IP can have active at a time.
  • CONNECTION_LIMIT (default 20) - The maximum number of connections to a single Telegram datacenter.
  • TG_START_MESG - The message that should be shown in Telegram chat, in case of non-media message.

How to get TG_SESSION_NAME string

Run Console in Heroku python3 and follow.
  • Note: When it will ask for Phone Number and Bot token Give Bot token value

Issue Bot stopped responding

If bot is not responding, open https://<appname> and try again

How To Boost Telegram Bot Speed

How To Boost Telegram Bot Speed | Uploading & Download App Link: Video Link: You Can Find Me On social Networks ================================= Telegram Group: Telegram Channel: =======?Subscribe For My Channel?======= #InFoTel

How To Create Telegrm userge user Bot

USERGE - Durable as a Serge

🔱 Powerful, Pluggable TG UserBot written in Python from scratch using Pyrogram 🔱

Channel: @theUserge
GROUP: @slbotsbugs
SPAMGROUP: @usergeot


Important Notice: Guys there is a small change 
1. While creating credentials in Google cloud console...DONT choose "WEB" instead of that choose "OTHER" 
2. While creating a password for Mongodb make sure that u are not using any special characters like @ ! # etc

  • Powerful and Very Useful built-in Plugins
    • gdrive ( Team Drives Supported! ) 
    • zip / unzip
    • telegram upload
    • telegram download
    • etc...
  • Channel & Group log support
  • Database support
  • Build-in help support
  • Easy to Setup & Use
  • Easy to add / port Plugins
  • Easy to write modules with the modified client

📌 Requirements 

📌 How To Deploy  HEROKU Method

First click the button below.
If you don't have HU_STRING_SESSION just ignore it.
After Deployed to Heroku first turn off the app (resources -> turn off) and run bash genStr in console (more -> run console).
After that copy the string session and past it in Config Vars (settings -> reveal config vars).
Finally turn on the app and check the logs (settings -> view logs) :)

📌 Project Credits

📌 Copyright & License 


📌 Update method for Userge old members in Heroku

fork official repo:
turn on automatic deploy on Heroku & connect your forked repo.
git clone
cd yourforkedrepo
git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master
git push

Telegram Useful Bot List 2021 - Telegram Bot List - InFoTel

telegram bot list
Hey guys today we gonna introduce a simple web application for searching bots in our all time favorite Telegram. As the name bot list suggests this is a place where you can find bots of any category as you needed. moreover we provides an option to add your own telegram bots which will be carefully reviewed by the moderators. So feel free to drop your bots or the bots that are missing in this list, report the inactive ones and so on.
Key features:
-> Fully dark themed
-> Search over multiple catagories
-> You could add own creations 
-> 150+ Categories
-> 1000+ Bots
-> Requests are manually reviewed by the moderators
-> Mini bot profile
-> Cross platform support

(Daily Updating...)

Telegram Channel, Bots or public groups Verification Guidelines

The Telegram team generally verifies active official channels, bots or public groups that have verified accounts on each of these services:
  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook or Instagram (one is enough)
  3. YouTube
Please add a link to your Telegram channel to your profiles on these services — so that we can confirm that they indeed belong to you. Once this is done, please contact our @VerifyBot for verification.

What if I don't have a verified account on all of these services?
If you have an undisputed page on Wikipedia, that satisfies Wikipedia's Notability Guidelines – and that page lists a link to your channel, bot or public group on Telegram – it can be counted as one of the missing verified accounts.
In the case of organizations, a link to the Telegram channel from the official website of the organization may also be taken into account. The bot will offer to submit additional data and comments after checking the social media links.
If you're using a Wikipedia or Official Website link instead of one of the social media accounts, please make sure that they include a link to the channel, group or bot you want to verify on Telegram.

Can my user account be verified?

Sorry, Telegram doesn’t verify user accounts at the moment. Verification is only available for big and active official channels and bots.

Do I need verification?

Note that verification doesn't give any additional abilities in Telegram - it is simply one of the ways to demonstrate that your channel is official. A link to Telegram on your official site or other official accounts elsewhere can achieve a similar result.

How do I change the name or short link after verification?

A verified channel, group or bot can't change its name or short link (…). If changes are necessary, you can remove verification status first. Contact @VerifyBot and send /unverify.


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