How To Create Your Own Telegram File To Link Generation Bot

A Telegram bot that can stream Telegram files to users over HTTP.


A Telegram bot that can stream Telegram files to users over HTTP.


Install dependencies (see requirements.txt), configure environment variables (see below) and run with python3 -m tgfilestream.
A reverse proxy is recommended to add TLS. When using a reverse proxy, keep HOST as-is, but add the publicly accessible URL to PUBLIC_URL. The URL should include the protocol, e.g.
Source Code:
Telegram Api:
Bot Father: @BotFather

Environment variables
  • TG_API_ID (required) - Your Telegram API ID.
  • TG_API_HASH (required) - Your Telegram API hash.
  • TG_SESSION_NAME (defaults to tgfilestream) - The name of the Telethon session file to use.
  • PORT (defaults to 8080) - The port to listen at.
  • HOST (defaults to localhost) - The host to listen at.
  • PUBLIC_URL (defaults to http://localhost:8080) - The prefix for links that the bot gives.
  • TRUST_FORWARD_HEADERS (defaults to false) - Whether or not to trust X-Forwarded-For headers when logging requests.
  • DEBUG (defaults to false) - Whether or not to enable extra prints.
  • LOG_CONFIG - Path to a Python basic log config. Overrides DEBUG.
  • REQUEST_LIMIT (default 5) - The maximum number of requests a single IP can have active at a time.
  • CONNECTION_LIMIT (default 20) - The maximum number of connections to a single Telegram datacenter.
  • TG_START_MESG - The message that should be shown in Telegram chat, in case of non-media message.

How to get TG_SESSION_NAME string

Run Console in Heroku python3 and follow.
  • Note: When it will ask for Phone Number and Bot token Give Bot token value

Issue Bot stopped responding

If bot is not responding, open https://<appname> and try again

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