GIF Contest - Round 2 of the GIF contest starts now

n Round 2, you must create reaction videos from iconic and popular movies, series, cartoons, TV shows, etc.
Dates: 8 Sept - 8 Nov (23:59 Dubai time)
Prize fund: $50,000
Who can take part: Everyone! Even if you didn't participate in Round 1.

The task is similar: create between 10 and 100 GIF-style reaction videos examples here that express emotions similar to these emoji:



In Round 2, you must create reaction videos from iconic and popular movies, series, cartoons, TV shows, etc. examples All reaction videos must meet the technical requirements below.

Technical requirements:

1. Format: MP4, no sound.
2. Aspect ratio: anything between 1:1 – 4:3 ✅ good examples.
- GIFs must not include stripes that make a widescreen video fit in the required format bad example.
- Sides must not be squished to fit the aspect ratio (bad example.
3. Max. duration: 5 seconds.
4. Image quality. Aim for top video quality ✅ good examples, ❌ bad examples.

- No grainy videos with noticeable pixelation, etc.
- No blurry, overexposed videos, etc.
- Cut content carefully: GIFs must not jitter animation too short or jump animation contains irrelevant frames.

5. Max. size: 300 KB. Aim for the smallest size necessary to maintain the level of quality described above (likely around 70-300KB).

6. On-screen text is not required. If you use on-screen text, you must use consistent fonts on all GIFs in your submission. Please keep your source files, because we may ask you to edit the text if your submission wins a prize.

7. Expressiveness and relevance to emoji. All GIFs must be relevant to their chosen emoji and express the emotion clearly. (If you're not sure whether the video shows πŸ˜‘,😑,πŸ™„ or 😳 – it's probably not a very good fragment).

We will explain how to submit your reaction videos later, stay tuned to @contest.

Reaction videos created in this contest will be watermarked with links to the public channels of their creators – and potentially suggested to Telegram users.

Good luck!

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