How To Make Telegram Music Voice Chat Bot On


REPO Voice Chat: (Credit)


Remote Desktop (Android):


Sign in with your Github account and fork this repo.

  • Go here Zeet
  • Sign into Zeet with your Github account
  • Now Choose New Project and choose GitHub repo and give access to your fork ,then click on Deploy Now.
  • Now Zeet will automatically starts building from the Dockerfile. Wait for the build to finish.
  • After completing the build you have to configure the Environment Variables.


  • You will need to set the following Environment Variables for your VoiceChatPyroBot

API_ID :Get your api id from

API_HASH :Get your api hash from

TOKEN :Get your bot token from @BotFather

SUDO_USERS : A list of user ids which can pause, skip and change volume, Enter each id's seperated by a space.

GROUP  : The id of the group where your bot plays.

MONGO_DB_URI : your MongoDB URI (you can get one for free in their official website, sign up, create a cluster and a database named "vcpb")

USERS_MUST_JOIN : If true, only users which are in the group can use the bot.

LANG : your bot language, choose an available language code in VoiceChatPyroBot

DUR_LIMIT: Max video duration in minutes for downloads

⚠️ The Following variables are Compulsory (Others will use default values if not set)

GROUP  (If USERS_MUST_JOIN is set to True)
  • If the remaining values are not set then the Default values are:
 LANG = en (english)
  • After setting the Evnironment Variables save them and Wait for the Deploy to finish.

  • Once Deploying is finished check if your bot is working. If not make sure that you set the Environment variables Correct.

  • Once all are perfect now its time to setup XRDP to strat RDP connection.

  • Go to Your Zeet dashboard and select the deployed app and start the Zeet Terminal.

  • Start xrdp by running the bash script by running /

  • Once its started succesfully close the terminal and copy the PUBLIC IPS from Zeet Dashboard

  • Open a remote desktop client and login to your user. The default credentials are:-

  •             ls

    Username :vcpb 
    Password :music
  • If you want to edit the username and password , you can do it by editing the values in createusers.txt file. the foremat is username:password:is SUDO or not(Y/N)

    • ℹ️ If you are changing the default user , you may need to change the same in also .
  • Once after loging in , you can see a file named Telegram in /home/vcpb/Telegram Directory (You may see some error messages, Since many mate utils are not preset , ignore(delete) those.)

  • Execute it and login into your telegram account and Join a Voicechat.

    • ℹ️ No need to change the default microphone as MySink is already default Mic.

Bot Commands

Inorder to command the bot send one of the mentioned commands below with a / prefix

start - start the bot

song - check the playing song

volume - check the current volume

queue - check songs in the queue

pause - pause the playing song (sudo users only)

resume - resume the paused song (sudo users only)

play - same as resume (sudo users only)

skip - skip the playing song (sudo users only)

stream - stream a radio (sudo users only)

cleardownloads - delete all downloads (sudo users only)

playlist - see the items in the playlist (sudo users only)

clear_playlist - clear the items in the playlist (sudo users only)

play_playlist - play the items in the playlist (sudo users only)
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