How To Make Telegram File Sharing Bot

How To Make Telegram File Sharing Bot

You Can Create Your Own Telegram File Sharing Bot with Zero Coding

Support Group: @ThankTelegram


Open this link:
Bot Father: @BotFather


Your 🥺 bot will be up in no 🥵 time!

P.S.: All this is free, and so if you like the efforts consider donating to the developer. For any feedback or suggestions, please reply to this message.

Credit: @SpEcHlDe


Please Note: All files sent to the bot, will be permanently available to all the users, till the file / message is available in the respective channel.

If you need to take down any file, please contact the original creator of the respective Telegram Bot. This service does not store / make available any files in any shape / form. We have absolutely no knowledge of the content that any users sends to their Telegram Bots, we don't save anything, not even the searches. Indexing process is completely manual. we don't check it. Whatever the stupid users suck in goes, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This is merely a bot creation tool, aimed at experimenting with the Telegram Login Widget.

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