How To Transfer WhatsApp Message To Telegram Group

Telegram SMS is a Telegram Bot that runs on your Android device. It requires no third-party relay server, How To Transfer WhatsApp Message To Telegra

Telegram SMS is a Telegram Bot that runs on your Android device. It requires no third-party relay server, but your network must have access to It can manage your SMS, missed calls, and battery information via remote commands.

Telegram SMS only allows one bot running on one phone, so please DO NOT deploy one bot between different phones, or errors might occur. You can add multiple bot accounts to a Group or a Channel to manage them together.



  • Forward SMS text messages to Telegram as a bot;
  • Notification regarding missed calls;
  • Notification regarding device battery power changes;
  • Remote control via chat command or SMS.


  • This app requires following permissions to work properly:
  • SMS: To read and send text messages.
  • Phone: Check whether it is a dual SIM-Card phone, the SIM status and its identification digits.
  • Call phone: Execute the USSD code.
  • Call log: Read incoming numbers.
  • Camera: Scan the QR code and quickly enter the Bot Token.
  • Notification access: Listen for notification messages.
You can set this APP as the default SMS APP, which will stop popping up SMS notifications and set all received SMS as "read" on the phone.

Warning: All versions are not compatible (not signed by the same key)! You have to uninstall one first to install another, which will delete all your data.

How To Download Telegram-SMS Apk

The APP distributed by XDA Labs is the latest stable version. Revenues generated will be used to help the author to improve its future stability and user experience. You can still download the latest version from the following GitHub release page.

Free Download Link:
Android 5.0 or lower Link:

Mobile View

Desktop View

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  • MIUI® is a trademark of Xiaomi Corporation.

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