How To Clone AnyDLBot

How To Clone AnyDLBot

Sometimes the upload / download of bot is very low. This is not an issue with the code,  it simply means that the account had low 'karma' because of risky factors like 'Nth new account from this IP' and such as this. Telegram thinks 'oh, good, ok', your karma gets higher and you can use account normally.

@BotFather bots created using low 'karma' accounts, will have limited download / upload speed to Telegram.

It is recommended to use @AnyDLBot by /upgrade ing your subscription. ☺️☺️😉

Link 1: Create Telegram Bot: Click Here Or @BotFather

Link 2: Code Link: Click Here

Link 3: Telegram: Click Here

Link 4: Chat Base: Click Here

Link 5: Image Link:

Link 6: Get My Id: Click Here Or @Treesabot

Link 7: HTTP PROXY: Click Here

Important Note:
We should create only one bot in herokuapp account, otherwise the  bot will not work.
If you want to create more bots then you should create separate herokuapp account or renew with premium membership by giving money..

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  1. telegram x_v0.21.9.1172-x8 versions all time best but not install please problem solve and improve app send in youtube and blog .
    best features download gallery ( without save to download)
    2.copyriht channel open download

    plase solve problems
    thank for infotel team


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